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Illustrator basic guide Tutorial


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First of all you have to know about illustrator basic guide introduction; it has been design by Adobe Company. It is a powerful drawing program that is being used in all Medias for different type of work like draw shapes and lines, creates text, layout for a book, create a web page, logo, vector graphic or art and etc.

As you open Illustrator you can see the by default workspace, as given up. So before start you need to know more about your workspace for batter performance and fluency in working experience. It is most important to beginner for having some basic detail about it.

We are going to describe you about all these basic guide information, it is very important for beginners who is going start their first step in vector art design in illustrator.


Title Bar

At the top of the program you can see illustrator title bar, some important function are given there so you have to first take knowledge of them. It is also moveable by using mouse pointer for you convenience.


Menu Bar

Menu bar is a most important part of Illustrator program it has been included some required menu option like File, Edit, Object, Type, Select, Effect, View, Window, and Help. They have more effective submenu which perform on different mode of work.

Most of them are having their by default shortcut key which can be applied for work fast experience. It is also a good habit for use your fast working efficiency.


Option bar

An Option bar in illustrator provides you complete property of the selected tool; you can make adjustment of their value according you requirement. As you select a tool in the toolbar, you can see the tool’s properties under menu bar section.




Illustrator Toolbox plays most important role during working in Illustrator program, it is set by default left side of the workplace and it can be moveable manually. It is having various type of tools to perform well on your canvas like create new one, select, manipulate objects, type text, paint, draw object and move images, etc.

Some of tools having hidden sub tools and it can be unhide by clicking on a tiny triangle symbol which has been situated on right bottom of every tools. Color changing option is also there.



Illustrator Panels is also one of most important sector in the Photoshop, it consists many types of features which control every movement on you canvas. It has different type of style to make your project more attractive and finishing touch.




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