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Animation Tutorials in Photoshop


This is a photoshop animation tutorials section you will learn more about animation effect, we have added here some useful and effective animation tutorial for beginners.


Animated Blast

This is an animated blast effect example and it is very helpful for learning how to make an animated explosion effect of a bomb.


Changing Color

This is a very interesting example because we are going to play with color, we have a blue dot background picture to make an animated change color effect.


Animated Snow Fall

Have you enjoyed a snowfall, today I am going to create an animated snowfall effect on any picture and want to share with you.


Text Border Animation

This is a text's border animation tutorial, you will learn how to create text border animation effect, you need not to worry I have given all the step in this example.


Flying Balloon

This is very simple example to create an animated flying balloon effect in the sky, you will also learn how to create a sky effect in the document so follow now without wasting any time.


Abstract Spiral

This example has some unique step those will surely help you to create an animated abstract spiral effect on any background in the document.


Moving lines in the text

This example will guide you how to create an animated lines inside any text. you can apply this effect on any simple and designed text.


Appearing Picture

This is an appearing picture effect tutorial, you will learn how to create an appearing picture on the screen and web, you can also apply this effect on any type of picture.


Flying Bird

This is a flying bird in the sky tutorial; you should need a bird and sky picture for this example. I am going to create sky picture myself.


Animated Signature

This is an animated signature text tutorial, if you want to an animated signature for your project and live telecast on the internet.


Dot loading icon

We have very interesting tutorial that is mozilla browser loading icon in black dot form, we will teach you a method to create this dot rounding loading icon.


Flying Fumes

I am here with a new tutorial that is animated flying fumes from the chimney and going to teach you through this example, I am going to use brush and filter effect to complete it.


Arrow Loading Icon

Would you have been seen a loading icon in the many website for the use of page upload and sure you have tried to make it, if you could not success follow this example.


Sketching Picture

Get ready to learn how to create an animated sketching picture on the document, this effect can be apply on any picture.



Moving Heart

This example will teach you how to create an animate moving heart for the e-cards project. I have described this example by some simple step those are given here.


Moving Eye

This is an animated moving eyeball tutorial, I have tried to create it as real moving eyeball effect.


Animated Sketch to color Photograph

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert a pencil sketch to color picture animation by an easy technique; it is so interesting to create this effect.


Printing Paper Animation

I have a very interesting tutorial that is printing paper animation and going to share with you all, I have used a different and unique technique to create this type of animation.


Circle Loading Icon

In this example, I am going to teach you how to create a circle loading icon. I will move a color spot inside a ring to show the loading and download icon.


Round Loading Icon

I am back with an effective and useable round arrow loading icon tutorial. You would have seen it often many web page, software’s and UI Design.



Ball Loading Icon

You are going to learn how to design a ball loading icon, there is two balls walking on the circle path. You will learn more about custom shape, layer style and frame adjustment.


Filling color text

Today, we have a very interesting tutorial and so excited to share it with you. It is about wave filling color in the text effect.


Blinking Eye

Today, I have a very interesting tutorial that is blinking eye animation and also excited to share with you all. You will learn here how to create a winking eye effect on any still picture.


Line Loading Icon

In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to create a line loading icon by using Photoshop cs6, you would have seen it on many website and UI design to show loading process.


Pulse Loading Icon

In this example you are going to learn how to create an animated pulse loading icon, I have tried to make perfectly in less steps and it is also attractive.





Santosh Kumar Web & Graphic designer

Santosh Kumar

This is santosh kumar living in New Delhi (India) and love to work as a Web & Graphic Designing. I like to create sketch, background, illustration and vector graphics. Tutorialbunch.com is a very good place where I express my creativity.

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