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Photoshop Basic Beginner Tutorials



Adobe Photoshop is most powerful and user-friendly image editing/graphics creation GUI interface Software. Tutorial Bunch has added some useful tutorials for the beginners to learn basic of Photoshop. This section has been created for beginners to get the best Photoshop tutorials, they will learn how to resizing, brightening, cropping and improving the image quality.


We provide different type of Photoshop tutorials as the need of designing industry; these are helpful for beginer and easy to learn more about Photoshop tools.



Before start Photoshop, You need to have full knowledge about Photoshop tools; work area and features, there are some panels which are used to make your designs. We have tried to explain the feature of these tools as my level best.



Graphic has become main things for every project in these days because every organization are using different type of graphics. We are improving this segment by adding good collection of graphic design tutorial in photoshop.



Texture is a different type of visible surface, it depend on which one you like The Photoshop provides appropriate tool to make your own. We are using them well and makes effective tutorial for you.


Text Effect

You used to type a simple text but some condition you required a stylish, colored and in different form of text so we created this section for these type of effect.



The Photoshop also used for designing a button that can be for cloth, website, graphic designing and UGI etc. We teach you all these through our tutorials, come this section and start learning.



Effect is an imagination of condition. If you want to add some extra effort on a simple photograph to express more effectively, you need Photoshop to make its own.



It also provides good tools for animation, you can also move your designed object on any position by using Photoshop. It is very interesting and good experience to watch moving.



The background is very important part of designing project, every designer need to apply background to make good visibility. We have design some background tutorial by using Photoshop.


Web Layout

Web designing is being very popular and it should have unique design, every website contain web layout so we have added some web layout tutorial in this section.


Photoshop Retouch

If you need to apply a special format on you photo so you required Photoshop because has enough tools to work well. You can lean this technique by follow our tutorials, just come this section.


Photo Manipulation

Photoshop is mainly used for work on photographs but some time you need to apply different mode in your photo so you need to follow these examples.


  • Photoshop Tutorials

Santosh Kumar Web & Graphic designer

Santosh Kumar

This is santosh kumar living in New Delhi (India) and love to work as a Web & Graphic Designing. I like to create sketch, background, illustration and vector graphics. Tutorialbunch.com is a very good place where I express my creativity.

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