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Effect Tuorials In Photoshop


In this section we have collected a large number of different type of effect tutorials in the Photoshop, these are very useful and creative example and you will learn how to design more different effects.


Change Eye Color

I have this very interesting tutorial and going to discuss with you a simple technique to make this effect in the Adobe Photoshop.

Eye Enhancement

This tutorial will help you to enhance the picture quality of any object, I have described it with some given easy steps in the tutorials.


Water Drop

I have designed the water drop effect on the leaf and you can do it on any object by just follow this tutorial till end.


Convert Day to Night Mode

This is best tutorial in this site and so proud to share with you all, in this tutorial I have given all the appropriate steps to make it complete properly.


Awesome Tornado

I have seen a tornado so inspired then decided to create a tornado effect in the Photoshop, I have share the whole tutorial in the section.


Cartoon Picture

By this tutorial, you can convert any picture into the cartoon by using Photoshop. I have used a simple technique to lean easily.


Fiery Eye Effect

This effect is inspired by revenge and angry mode look so I decided to design it in the Photoshop and share here for learner.


Burnt Paper Effect

Burnt paper is effect is used in the poster and ancient look of document so I have designed a simple burnt paper effect in the Photoshop and share with you all.


Comic Book Photograph

We love the comic and their characters so I have decided to create comic book look of the any picture by using Photoshop.


Fireball Effect

It is a just imagine tutorial that is fireball in the sky, I have decided it to create in the Photoshop and shared here with all the steps for learners.


Lighting Picture Effect

We all are not good photographers so we click some time fading images and it need to clean and sharp. I have applied a simple and effective step in the Photoshop to make it sharp and clean.


Cracked Field

In the short of water the land dry and cracked so I decided to create cracked field effect in the Photoshop, you have to just follow all the step and reach on the final.


Chrome Effect

It is going to popular in these days in every things, it is mainly use for visualization. I have designed a chrome effect in the Photoshop and share here.


Custom Contact Lenses

Many people are going to use custom contact lenses to look different and beautiful, I have designed contact lens in the Photoshop.


Engulfing Flames Effect

It is very different to design but I have done it by using Photoshop and shared whole tutorial in this section.

Electric Shock

Some time we need to show electric shock effect in our graphic project so this tutorial will help you to design electric shock effect in the Photoshop.


Fire on Plane

You have seen crash landing of plane with fire and fumes, it is very dangerous condition. I have designed a fire on plane effect in the Photoshop for visualization and learning purpose.


Fog on the picture

We get fog everywhere in the only winter season but you can convert your simple picture into the fog effect by following this tutorial.


Fired Race car's Tyre

Fire on tyre is natural incident in the racing track, I have created a fire on tyre effect in the Photoshop and shared here.



We can't see our galaxy as the God eyes so I decided to create a galaxy in the Photoshop by our imagination. Follow this tutorial and learn yourself.


Hot Fiery Effect

This effect is just like a fire light visibility on the body as a present front of the fire, the creation of this effect is simple by the help of this tutorial.


Shaft Light

Shaft light is a ray coming from the corner, I have designed a sun's shaft light in the sky and shared here with all the step.


Negative Effect

The used of negative to printing is an old trend, I have tried to convert a picture in the negative look by use of the Photoshop.


Satin Picture Effect

You have seen satin on the cloths but in this tutorial I am going to apply satin effect on the picture by using the Photoshop, just follow and learn.


Lomography Picture

It is a style of photography effect by using the different cameras, I have designed this effect manually in the Photoshop.


Running Water

The running water effect is easy to create in the Photoshop by the help of this tutorial, I have given all the steps and description.



Puzzle Effect

This is a puzzle effect tutorial, you will learn how to create it by using the selection technique in the Photoshop


Planet Earth

There are many planets in the space and I am going to visualize our planet earth in the space by using Photoshop.


Sun Rays on the Tree

This sun beam come form the opposite site the tree, it is very creative vision so I have create this effect in the Photoshop.


Smoke Effect

Smoking is very dangerous for health but its smoke create good visual in the air so I have designed it in the Photoshop.


Write text on leaf

It is the trend of communication in the ancient time and I have designed it in the Photoshop by the inspire of old trend.


Bar Code

The bar code is printed on the every product label and going to design bar code in the Photoshop.


Painting picture

This tutorial will help you to convert any picture into painting picture by using Photoshop.


Vortex Lighting

This is a different way of lighting visualization, I have create a vortex lighting effect in the Photoshop and share here.


Water soap bubble on picture

This is very interesting tutorial, you can get more fun by playing soap bubble. I have created soap bubble in the Photoshop.


Stitch Marks on the Face

We stitch after injury and accident and it leave the spot on the wound area, I have created stitch marks on the face in the Photoshop.



Santosh Kumar Web & Graphic designer

Santosh Kumar

This is santosh kumar living in New Delhi (India) and love to work as a Web & Graphic Designing. I like to create sketch, background, illustration and vector graphics. Tutorialbunch.com is a very good place where I express my creativity.

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