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Create Graphics in Photoshop


In this sectiuon, we have a wide range of different graphic tutorials in photoshop. It has some useful and unique example to make easy graphic designing in photoshop.


Draw Pearl

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a pearl, it is very easy and interesting to make by the help of this example. You will learn the use of gradient color effect, inner glow and apply shading on the pearl.


Magnify Glass

This tutorial has some easy step to create a magnify glass graphic, I am sure you can also create it same as I have done here. Follow all the steps with carefuly because if you miss any one of them, you can't reach to final image.


Draw Flame on the Candle

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a flame effect on the candle; you can apply this effect on anywhere. it is very effective and done easily by using some simple step and help of gradient style. I have selected a without flame candle image and going to work on, you have to follow and learn yourself.


Duct Tape

Many times you have seen duct tape and use also, now you have a chance to learn how to create duct tape in the Photoshop. I have tried here to make it easy with some steps.


Iron Chain

Draw iron chain graphic is not easy but I have tried to create it easy by my this example, you can learn step by step this example. Every step is important so please don't miss any one, follow now.



Your have eaten many times chocolate but that is not here to eat, You have a chance to learn a simple way to create a real chocolate so follow now to make that.


Draw Golf Ball

In this tutorial; I am going to create a white golf ball bu using photoshop cs6. I have used some tools, filter, style and mention all the step as I used to draw it below. You have to follow all of them and create yourself.


Draw brown Egg

I am here with a very interesting example and sure you will enjoy. I am going to teach you a simple technique to create a brown egg graphic in photoshop, I have striven here to give a real look of and brown egg so follow this example and learn yourself.


Colored Feather

This tutorial has a unique and different technique to create a colored feather, I have describe the tutorial by the steps to create same as done by me. I am sure you like and enjoy so start leering the technique.


Draw a Company Logo

This tutorial will guide you how to create a fantastic logo that can be used as a company logo and sure you get a new ideas to create it on different mode of the logo to make it own during following this example.


Picture to Tiles

If you have any picture and you want to convert that to a tiles effect don't worry this example will solve the problem. I have a sea picture to implement, you can do it on any picture.


Disco Light

Hove you gone to bar for disco, you can see many disco lights in the bar. I want to teach you a easy way to create the disco light in photoshop, you have to follow all the step and learn completely the technique as I have used.


Steel Gear

I am here with a steel gear tutorial and interested to share the technique with you all, I have explain the technique with some easy steps those are given in this example and sure you can also create same by follow them.


Draw Tap

This tutorial has unique steps and these are really help you to create a look of realistic steel tap graphic for your project. You have to follow all the steps with carefully because if you miss any one, you can't reach to final result so start learning and enjoy.


Firewall Icon

I am here with a new tutorial that is firewall icon and it has been designed by using photoshop, it can be used in the anti virus protection software and project. You will lean a technique to create a firewall icon by the help of this example, it has some easy steps and you have to follow them to reach final result.


Metal Wire

I have a sort way to create a metal wire graphic in photoshop and interested to teach you that way, some simple step are taken those are fully described in this example. Follow them and enjoy this graphic.


Draw Eyeball

We are here with a new and interesting tutorial that is eyeball graphic effect, It has been done with the help of simple technique. You can also create and learn the technique because I have described step by step the technique in this example, hope you like and enjoy.


Draw Drink

Here, I am going to teach you how to create a cocktail drink effect in the glass. If you have a martini glass picture and waiting for drink, follow this example and create drink in the glass. I have done it very easily and sure you like and enjoy it.


Wooden Smoking Pipe

Today, I am going to teach you a simple and easy way to create wooden smoking pipe in photoshop. I will take help of pen tool, burn tool, filter and done hard work to give real look.


Paint Brush

I have a very interesting tutorial that is paint brush icon in photoshop and going to teach you how can create it. I have described the process step by step to learn and make it easily. You will lean more about layer style.


Printer Icon

If you need a printer icon to apply in your project as indicate print option this tutorial will help you about, I have created a simple printer icon in photoshop and want to share with you.


Wine Bottle

Today, we are going to learn how to create a wine bottle by this example in photoshop, it has a simple technique and that is described by some appropriate steps. We have done it by using carefully Pen Tool.


Realistic Mobile Phone

I am here with a fantastic and creative tutorial that is mobile graphic and very excited to share it with you; I have created a mobile by using a simple and unique technique and going to teach you.


Bath Soap

Today, I am going to create an orange colored bath soap and interested to share with you all. It is very interesting to draw; I have used some Photoshop tools like brush and layer style.




Santosh Kumar Web & Graphic designer

Santosh Kumar

This is santosh kumar living in New Delhi (India) and love to work as a Web & Graphic Designing. I like to create sketch, background, illustration and vector graphics. Tutorialbunch.com is a very good place where I express my creativity.

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