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Create Text Shadow




Today, I am going to discuss a very basic tutorial here that is how to create a drop shadow effect in the Photoshop. There are different ways to create it as suitable for your project; it can be angle shadow, colored shadow, 3d shadow and etc.

Drop shadow provides a visual effect of the graphic in the computer graphics, shadow is the opposite of the light direction so you need to flash light direction during the creation of shadow. it plays an important role to enhance the object’s visualization effect.


Angle Shadow


First I am going to apply angle shadow of the object. I have selected a text as a object for shadow effect.

Take a new document with appropriate size and background color then type text with different text's property with color as you like on the canvas.

Follow Layer Menu > Layer Style > choose drop shadow, a pop up will come on the screen like here.

In the below picture, you can see there are different colors have been applied their work are also different.

There are many type of different blending mode which is applied to adjust the shadow color with background color.

As I spotted by the yellow color that is can be apply when you need colored shadow, just click and change the color by color picker.

As I spotted by the blue color, it is used to reduce and increase the opacity of the shadow as you need.

As I spotted by the red color, it is used to apply when you want your shadow should be angle. It provides 360o.

As I spotted by the green color, it is used to apply when you want put your shadow on specify distance. Other options are also available for but they are used in demand of choice.

basic shadow effect

text shadow effect


Colored Shadow

Shadow always in dark spot of the object but some time we think it would be in different color to achieve an attractive visual effect of the design.


colored shadow text effect



3d Shadow

There is no simple technique and layer style in the Photoshop to make easily a shadow of the 3d object. You have to create it manually and in some condition layer style should be used but not completely effective so be ready for work manually.

The Pen Tool (P key) is very effective and helpful to create 3d shadow so you will learn more technique to use pen tool here.

I have opened a 3d box picture and going to create 3d shadow by pen tool. You have to just create some anchor point of the pen tool on the right position as I have done below pictures.

3d shadow in photoshop

3d text shadow effect

3d text shadow




Santosh Kumar Web & Graphic designer

Santosh Kumar

This is santosh kumar living in New Delhi (India) and love to work as a Web & Graphic Designing. I like to create sketch, background, illustration and vector graphics. Tutorialbunch.com is a very good place where I express my creativity.

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