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Photoshop Toolbox Tutorial


photoshop toolbox


This is a photoshop toolbox tutorial which has been designed for beginer to learn easily.

Toolbox has many different type of tools to create and edit picture and shapes. Some tools have a little black triangle shape that is situated right bottom of the tool. The black triangle shows some hidden tools.

If you click on the black triangle shape or right click on the tool, the hidden tool will appear. It can be selected by using their shortcut key with hold shift key.


Marquee Tool

photoshop marquee tool

The marquee tool helps us to make selection of desired area on the canvas in different mode of selection like rectangle, circle, 1px horizontal and vertical selection.

If you want to select two deferent area of the file and make shape, you need first selection normally by tool and for another selection apply tool with shift key.

This method also use to increase selected area by hold shift key and can be decreased selected area by hold Alt key.


Move Tool

photoshop move tool

The move tool helps us to select object on you canvas simultaneously layer, It is also use to move selected objects and makes it’s duplicate also by hold Alt key with move a little bit of mouse or arrow key.

If there are more layer and you want to select one of them without going to layer panel, you have to just right click on shape and select your desired layer.


Lasso Tool

photoshop lasso tool

The Lasso tool helps to make free form selection around the object to make editing on selected area. It is very useful for antialiasing. If you have a sharp hand on mouse pointer then you try to make selection by using this tool. Otherwise you can go for another one.

If you need to make selection point to point, you can do it by using Polygonal Lasso Tool.

You can make selection with holding mouse by the lasso tool, Polygonal lasso tool make selection point to point, wherever you click that will come into selected area for deselect point press backspace and Magic lasso tool select one color area.


Magic Wand Tool

photoshop magicwand tool

It is also used for make selection of the area on canvas, by this tool you can select only same colour area. if you want to make more than one selection of different color area, apply with hold shift key for batter result.


Crop Tool

photoshop crop tool

You can cut any part of the picture by using Crop tool. Apply this tool on the picture, the anchor point will appear. Click mouse on the anchor point to modify the size as you need and press enter.


Slice Tool

photoshop slice tool

The slice tool helps us to make slicing of the whole document and it makes very easy to cut them in accurate size. Mainly it is used by the web designer. When we go for convert web design into HTML format. We need little picture of the web design, this tool is used for that.

Slice Select Tool: This tool is used to select sliced area.

photoshop healing brush

Spot Healing brush Tool: This tool is used to repair any affected area of the picture. Press Alt key and click mouse to take color and move on the affected area.

Healing Brush Tool: It is also work same as spot healing brush tool.

Patch Tool: Patch tool is used to fill any area of the picture on any spot. Make selection by the patch tool and move selection by the mouse on the area where you want to replace spot from.

Red Eye Tool: This tool is used to replace red spot from the eye. You often see red spot in the eye on the snap, that can be removed by this tool.

photoshop brush tool

Brush Tool: Brush tool is used to draw any type of lines and shape, it is editable to make different type of drawing. 

Pencil Tool: This tool is used to draw a sharp line.

Color Replacement Tool: You can replace color anywhere you want on the picture, take favorite color and move mouse with click on the wanted area. 

photoshop stamp tool

Clone Stamp Tool: This tool is used to make clone of any picture and background on the wanted area. Hold Alt key and click on the object to take source point, which you want to make clone. Now move mouse on the wanted area, the object clone would appear.

Pattern Stamp tool: This tool is used to fill pattern on the picture.

photoshop history brush

History Brush Tool: This tool is used to remove all modified step on the current file.

Art History Brush: This tool is used to make unclear area of the picture.

photoshop eraser tool

Eraser Tool: Where ever you move mouse with the Eraser tool, the pixels will be removed.

Background Eraser Tool: This tool is also used to erase area of the picture.

photoshop paint bucket tool

Gradient Tool: This tool is used to fill two or more colors in the file at a time.

Paint Bucket Tool: This tool is used to fill on color in the picture and shapes.

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